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to test, try
thus far; still
fateor, fateri, fassus sum
to admit; disclose
osculum, i, n
kiss; mouth; lips
reddo, reddere, reddidi, redditus
to return, restore, hand over
tango, tangere, tetigi, tactus
to touch
insido, insidere, insedi, insessus
to settle upon; to sink into
livor, livoris, m
a bluish discoloration, a bruise
artus, us
arm/leg/limb, joint
blanditia, ae, f
ahibeo, adhibere, adhibui, adhibitus
to hold out; to make use of, employ; to offer
gratus, a, um
munus, muneris, n
service, duty; offer
concha, ae, f
shellfish (especially the murex, the ancients' principal source for purple-dye); shell, pearl
teres, teretis
smooth, rounded
lapillus, i, m
a small stone, pebble, a gem
ilium, i, n
pictus, a, um
painted, colored
Helaides, Heliadum, f. pl
the Heliades (daughters of the sun god Helios, who as they lamented the death of their brothers Phaethon, were transformed into poplar trees that "wept" tears of amber)
to equip; honor, decorate
vestis, is, f
garment, clothing
gemma, ae, f
jewel, gem
monile, monilis, n
necklace, ornamental collar; jewelry
baca, ae, f
berry, nut; pearl, bead
redimiculum, i, n
a decorative band, garland
pendeo, pendere, pependi
to hang on
stratum, i, n
bedding, coverlet; bed
nudus, a, um
less, not so well, not quite
Sidonis, Sidonidis
of Sidon, Sidonian (the town of Sidon, on the coast of Phoenicia, was famous for its production and export of purple dye from the murex)
tingo, tingere, tinxi, tinctus
to wet, moisten, stain
torus, i, m
mussel, bed, couch
socia, ae, f
a female associate, partner
acclino (1)
to lay down, rest
mollis, e
soft, weak
pluma, ae, f
feather; feather cushion, pillow
just as, as if, as though
tamquam sensura
just as though it could feel them
repono, reponere, reposui, repositus,
to put back; to put down, lay down