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obscenus, a, um
ill-omened; lewd
Propoetides, Propoetidum, f pl
the Propoetides (dauthers of Propoetus of Cyprus, who were, according to this legend, the first prostitutes)
numen, numinis, n
divine will; divintiy
to make available to the masses; to prostitute
induresco, indurescere, indurui
to grow hard, harden, set
os, oris, n
mouth, speech, expression
rigidus, a, um
stiff, rough
silex, silicis, m
hard stone, flint (often used of the absence of emotions, or "hard-heartedness," in persons)
discrimen, discriminis, n
crisis, division; difference
Pygmalion, Pygmalionis, m
Pygmalion (legendary king of Cyprus, though here seen only as a sculptor)
aevum, i, n
time, age
aevum agere
to spread one's life, live
per crimen
(in text: in wickedness, viciously
offensus, a, um
offended, shocked
vitium, i, n
mens, mentis, f
femineus, a, um
caelebs, caelibis
unmarried, celibate
thalamus, i, m
inner chamber; bedroom
consors, consortis, m/f
one who shares with another; a partner, consort, companion
careo, carere, carui, cariturus + abl
to lack, be without
niveus, a, um
snowy; white
mirus, a, um
strange, wonderful
sculpo, sculpere, sculpsi, sculptusq
to carve, sculpt
ebur, eboris, n
concipio, concipere, concepi, conceptus
to receive, conceive, develop;to express or compose (in words)
opera, ae, f
facies, ei, f
shape, face; presence
reverentia, ae, f
reverence; modesty, shyness (the statue's imagined modesty is quite appropriate, since she is, of course, still nude)
to such a degree; truly, even
lateo, latere, latui
to lie hidden, lurk
haurio, haurire, hausi, haustus
to draw up/out; drink