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Calm, Clear, Peaceful:
Can describe nature, like a cloudless sky or quiet green meadow. Internal calmness in a person.
Sharp: Can be used in math, like an angle which is less than 90 degrees and is sharp or pointed. Or, to have a sharp mind. Or a sharp pain that acts keenly on the senses.
Distorted: describes things that are physically weird or twisted or that are unnatural.
to patronize (not at all nice).
hateful: refers to something that is repulsive, repugnant or hateful.
Hint: O="smells bad" O=odor
able to be heard:
refers to anything that can be heard, but it often means something that is barely heard.
charitable: describes someone who wants happiness for others. They are kind, humane, charitable and want to help the poor.
gloomy: refers to things that are dark, gloomy, melancholy and depressing.
lying flat: describes someone who is lying down, face down. Sometimes people do this in humble adoration as they worship something or someone (GOD).
abundant: bountiful, lavish, lush, luxuriant or pouring forth liberally. (when there is a lot of something).
Explain "to condescend"
Usually means to act superior to someone else, to act as though you have to descend down to their inferior level, or to lower yourself to their level.
May also mean: when somone sincerely does something nice for someone else, perhaps someone who is poor and helpless. A patron is a guardian, protector, or supporter for someone who needs help, so to patronize is to act like a patron.