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nitor, nitoris (m)
to strive, exert oneself, make an effort
veluti (=velut)
just as, even as, as for instance
belua, ae (f)
a beast, large animal, brute
since, whereas, because
efficio, efficere
to do, produce, effect, make, bring about, cause (esp. with ut and subjunctive)
certamen, certaminis (n)
contest, struggle
indigens, indigentis
in need
diversus (divorsus), -a, -um
turned away, turned in different directions, remote, fluctuating, irresolute
cupiditas, cupiditatis (f)
eager desire, passionate longing (in a bad sense)
libido (lubido), libidinis (f)
violent desire, longing; esp. irrational whim, caprise, or immoderate passion, lust.
(of time) at length, at last (in enumerations) finally, at last.
desidia, desidiae (f)
inactivity, idleness, apathy
civitas, civitatis
cresco, crescere, crevi, cretum
to come into existence, spring forth, arise, increase
subverto (subvorto), subvertere, subveryi, subversum
to overthrow, overturn, destroy
venalis, -e
on sale, to be sold, venal
little by little
sometimes, now and then
vindico, vindicare
to claim, to arrogate, assume, to liberate, deliver, protect, avenge, punish
vitium, -i (n)
a fault, defect, blemish, crime, vice
prope (comp. propius, superl. proxime)
near, nearly
exopto, exoptare
to seek
desum, deesse, defui
to be lacking
insuesco, insuescere, insuevi, insuetum
to become used to; to accustome or habituate anyone to
signum, -i (n)
a sign, mark, token, standard, banner, ensign, signal, order, command, watchword, password, statue, seal, signet, constellation
hebesco, hebescere
to become dull, blunt, dim
probrum, -i (n)
abuse, reproach, ground for reproach, disgrace, infamous conduct esp. inchastity
(adj.) except. (Prep. with acc.) beyond, past, beside, contrary to, more than, except, in addition to