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celebro, celebrare, celebravi, celebratus
(verb) celebrate
concelebro, concelebrare, concelebravi, concelebratus
(verb) celebrate together
firmo, firmare, firmavi, firmatus
(verb) strengthen, make steady
affirmo, affirmare, affirmavi, affirmatus
(verb) prove, assert
confirmo, confirmare, confirmavi, confirmatus
(verb) strengthen, uphold
sano, sanare, sanavi, sanatus
(verb) heal
dico, dicere, dixi, dictus
(verb) say, tell [pass. also: be called]
benedico, benedicere, benedixi, benedictus
(verb) speak well (of), bless
maledico, maledicere, maledixi, maledictus
(verb) speak evil (of), curse
anima, animae
[dat./abl. pl.: animabus]
(f.) soul, life
laetitia, laetitiae
(f.) gladness, joy
liturgia, liturgiae
(f.) [divine] service, liturgy
misericordia, misericordiae
(f.) mercy, kindness, pity
turba, turbae
(f.) crowd, multitude
victoria, victoriae
(f.) victory
diaconus, diaconi
(m.) deacon
responsum, responsi
(n.) answer, response
votum, voti
(n.) vow, prayer
carus, -a, -um
(adj.) [+abl.] dear, beloved
dignus, -a, -um
(adj. [+abl.] worthy (of)
indignus, -a, -um
(adj.) [+abl.] unworthy (of)
firmus, -a, -um
(adj.) steadfast, firm
infirmus, -a, -um
(adj.) weak, sick
maestus, -a, -um
(adj.) sad
Nazarenus, -a, -um
of Nazareth, Nazarene, Nazorean
plenus, -a, -um
(adj. ) [+abl.] full (of)
primus, -a, -um
(adj.) first
in primis
at first, in the first place
universus, -a, -um
(adj.) all, the whole
unus, -a, -um
(adj.) one, a, an
(adv.) together
a (ab, abs)
[prep.+ abl.] by (the agency of)
(adv.) well
Jesus, Jesu, Jesu, Jesum, Jesu
(m.) Jesus, Joshua
(adv.) badly, poorly
male habere
be sick
[prep. + acc.] on account of, because of