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miror, mirari, --, miratus sum
(v.) wonder (at), be amazed (at)
admiror, admirari, --, admiratus sum
(v.) wonder at, be amazed at
pecco, peccare, peccavi, peccatus
(v.) sin
precor, precari, --, precatus sum
(v.) ask, pray
deprecor, deprecari, --, depecatus sum
(v.) beseech
audeo, audere, --, ausus sum
(v.) dare, have the courage
gaudeo, gaudere, --, gavisus sum
(v.) rejoice, be glad
misereor, misereri, --, misertus sum
(v.) have pity (on) [+ gen. or dat.]
conifdo, conifere, --, confisus sum
(v.) trust (in), confide (in), hope (in) [+ dat.]
nascor, masci, --, natus sum
(v.) be born
morior, mori, --, mortuus sum
(v.) die
patior, pati, --, passus sum
(v.) suffer; allow
orior, oriri, --, ortus sum
(v.) spring up, arise, appear
lacrima, lacrimae
(f.) tear
memoria, memoriae
(f.) remembrance, memory
ignis, ignis, ignium (abl. sing., igne or igni)
(m.) fire
peccator, peccatoris
(m.) sinner
arbor, arboris
(f.) tree
benedictio, benedictionis
(f.) blesing, benediction
nox, noctis, noctium
(f.) night
potestas, potestatis
(f.) power, authority
opus, operis
(n.) work, deed
opus est
it is necesary, there is a need [+ inf. or abl.]
scelus, sceleris
(n.) crime, sin
miser, misera, miserum
(adj.) wretched, pitiable
paternus, -a, -um
of a father, paternal
innocens (gen., innocentis)
clear, pure, innocent
potens (gen., potentis)
powerful (in), having power (over)
consubstantialis, consubstantiale
of the same nature (as), consubstantial (with) [+ dat.]
nihil, nil
(indecl. noun) nothing
(adv.) not at all
(adv.) greatly, very (much)
(adv.) indeed; but indeed