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nuntio, nuntiare, nuntiavi, nuntiatus
(v.) declare, announce
annuntio, annuntiare, anuntiavi, annuntiatus
(v.) anounce
placo, placare, placavi, placatus
(v.) appease; reconcile
purgo, purgare, purgavi, purgatus
(v.) purify, purge
vivifico, vivificare, vivificavi, vivificatus
(v.) bring to life, make live
admitto, admittere, admisi, admissus
(v.) join, admit; allow, permit
amitto, amittere, amisi, amissus
(v.) send off; lose
emitto, emittere, emisi, emissus
(v.) send out
remitto, remittere, remisi, remissus
(v.) send back; forgive
eo, ire, ivi (ii), itus
(v.) go
abeo, abire, adivi (adii), aditus
(v.) go to, approach
circumeo, circumire, circumivi, circumitus
(v.) go about
exeo, exire, exivi, exitus
(v.) go out, leave
ineo, inire, inivi, initus
(v.) go in, enter (upon)
intereo, interire, interivi, interitus
(v.) perish, die
introeo, introire, introivi, introitus
(v.) go within, enter
obeo, obire, obivi, obitus
(v.) go to meet; die
pereo, perire, perivi, peritus
(v.) perish, die, be lost
pertranseo, pertransire, pertransivi, pertransitus
(v.) go all about, go away; pierce
praeeo, praeire, praeivi, praeitus
(v.) go before
prodeo, prodire, prodivi, proditus
(v.) go forth
redeo, redire, redivi, reditus
(v.) go back, return
subeo, subire, subivi, subitus
(v.) go under, submit to; climb
transeo, transire, transivi, transitus
(v.) go across, pass through; pass away
adsum (assum) adesse, affui, --
(v.) avail, profit, be advantageous (to) [+dat.]
volo, velle, volui, --
(v.) want, wish, be willing
Roma, Romae
(f.) Rome
locus, loci [pl., loca]
(m.) place
salvator, salvatoris
(m.) savior
dilectio, dilectionis
(f.) love
laus, laudis
(f.) praise
pietas, pietatis
(f.) goodness; tenderness, pity
remissio, remissionis
(f.) forgiveness, remission
tellus, telluris
(f.) earth
adventus, adventus
(m.) coming, advent
fructus, fructus
(m.) fruit
clemens [gen.; clementis]
(adj.) merciful
supplex [gen., supplicis]
(adj.) suppliant
vetus [gen., veteris]
(adj.) old, ancient; former
acceptabilis, acceptabile
(adj.) acceptable
episcopalis, episcopale
(adj.) of a bishop, episcopal
invisibilis, invisibile
(adj.) spiritual, invisible
visibilis, visibile
(adj.) tangible, visible
Jerusalem [also, Hierosolyma, Hierosolymae (f.); Hierosolyma, Hierosolymorum (n.)]
(adv.) as far as, all the way
usque ad
(adv.) even to, up to, all the way to [+ acc.]