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-clino, -clinare, -clinavi, -clinatus
(verb ending) bend
inclino, inclinare, inclinavi, inclinatus
(verb) bow, lean forward
reclino, reclinare, reclinavi, reclinatus
lean back, recline
exulto, exultare, exultavi, exsultatus
(verb) rejoice, exult
glorifico, glorificare, glorificavi, glorificatus
(verb) glorify
conglorifico, conglorificare, conglorificavi, conglorificatus
(verb) glorify [exceedingly]
grego, gregare, gregavi, gregatus
(verb) gather, assemble
aggrego, aggregare, aggregavi, aggregatus
(verb) add to, join with
congrego, congregare, congregavi, congregatus
(verb) gather together, assemble
segrego, segragare, segregavi, segregatus
(verb) separate
paro, parare, paravi, paratus
(verb) provide, prepare
praeparo, praeparare, praeparavi, praeparatus
(verb) prepare
resulto, resultare, resultavi, resultatus
(verb) resound, rebound
sanctifico, sanctificare, sanctificavi, sanctificatus
(verb) make holy, sanctify
aperio, aperire, aperui, apertus
(verb) open, explain
Adam, Adae
(m.) Adam
aula, aulae
(f.) hall, church
columna, columnae
(f.) pillar, column
creatura, creaturae
(f.) creation, creature
flamma, flammae
(f.) flame
hostia, hostiae
(f.) sacrificial offering, host
innocentia, innocentiae
(f.) innocence
Pascha, Paschae
(f.) Passover, Pesach, Pasch, Easter
profeta, profetae
(m.) prophet
scriptura, scripturae
(f.) writing, scripture
cibus, cibi
(m.) food
Paulus, Pauli
(m.) Paul
dolorosus, -a, -um
(adj.) sorrowful
laetus, -a, -um
(adj.) joyful
parvus, -a, -um
(adj.) little, small
parvulus, -a, -um
(adj.) little, small [diminuitive]
tertius, -a, -um
(prep. + acc.) in the presence of, among, at the house of
(adv.) from here
(prep. + acc.) because of