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(Adv.) Not
Psalmus, Psalmi
M. Psalm
Ancilla, Ancillae
F. Maid, Servant
(Adv.) Today
Servus, Servi
M. Servant, Slave
(Coord. Conj.) For
Sum, Esse, Fui, Futurus
Be, Exist
Discipulus, Discipuli
M. Disciple, Student
(Prep. + Acc.) Across
Angelus, Angeli
M. Messenger, Angel
Archangelus, Archangeli
M. Archangel
Judaea, Judaeae
F. Judea
Populus, Populi
M. People
Maria, Mariae
F. Mary
Potentia, Potentiae
F. Power
Ager, Agri
M. Field; pl. Country
Agnus, Agni
M. Lamb
Christus, Christi
M. Anointed One, Messiah, Christ
Deus, Dei (nom. pl. Dii)
M. God
Apostolus, Apostoli
M. Apostle
Petrus, Petri
M. Peter
Minister, Ministri
M. Servant, Minister
Episcopus, Episcopi
M. Overseer, Bishop
Filius, Filii
M. Son
Dominus, Domini
M. Lord, Master
Puer, Pueri
M. Boy, Child, Servant
Justitia, Justitiae
F. Righteousness, Justice