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dono (v.)
donare, donavi, donatus; to present, grant, give
der: donation
lepidus (adj.)
lepida, lepidum; charming, delightful,neat
libellus (m.)
libelli;little book, booklet, pamphlet
pumex (m.f.)
pumice (used to polish books)
expolio (v.)
expolire, expolivi/ -ii,-itus; to polish
soleo (intr.v.w/ inf.)
solere, solitus sum; to be accustomed, used to, or in habit of
aliquis, aliquid (pron.)
-cuius; someone or something
nugae (
nugarum; nonsense, baloney, trivial
audeo (semi-deponent v.)
audere, ausus sum; to dare, risk
aevum (n.) aevus (m.)
aevi; age, lifetime
explico (v.)
explicare, explicavi, explicavi, explicatus; to unfold
der: explicate
quare (adv.)
how, why, indeed
quisquis(pron.) quidquid (adv.)
whoever or whatever
qualiscumque (adj.)
qualecumque; of whatever kind or qualtiy
perennis, perenne (adj.)
perennial, continual, everlasting
saeculum (n.)
saeculi; generation