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to work
laboro, laborare
to sit
sedeo, sedere
to sleep
dormio, dormire
to taste
gusto, gustare
to enter
intro, intrare
to praise
laudo, laudare
to greet
saluto, salutare
to drink
bibo, bibere
to look around
circumspecto, circumspectare
to shout
clamo, clamare
to wait for
exspecto, exspectare
to carry
porto, portare
to answer
respondeo, respondere
to smile/laugh
rideo, ridere
to get up
surgo, surgere
to see
video, videre
to do
ago, agere
to cook
coquo, coquere
to have
habeo, habere
to look for
quaero, quarere
to give back
reddo, reddere
to sell
vendo, vendere