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imperō (+ dat)
1 - I give orders (to), command
obstō, obstitī (+ dat)
1 - I stand in the way of, obstruct
operam dō, dedī, datus (+ dat)
1 - I pay attention to
faueō, fauī, fautum (+dat)
2 - I do service to, favor
pareō (+dat)
2 - I obey
2 - I hold
licet, licuit/licitum est
2 - it is permitted to x (dat) to y (infinitive)
gratiās agō (+ dat)
I thank
praesum, praeesse, praefuī, praefuturus (+ dat)
I am in charge of, at the head of
inquit, inquam, inquis, inquiunt
he says, 1st singular, 2nd singular, 3rd plural
necesse est
it is necessary