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flagitium, flagiti(i)
shame, disgrace
vulgaris, vulgaris, vulgare
usual, common, commonplace, everyday
scortum, scorti
harlot, prostitute; male prostitute
prosterno, prosternere, prostravi, prostratus
knock over, lay low; strike down, overthrow; exaust; debase/demean; prostrate
sestertius, sesterti(i)
small silver coin
cito, citius, citissime
quickly/fast/speedily, with speed
discindo, discindere, discidi, discissus
cut in two, divide
sedo, sedare, sedavi, sedatus
settle, allay; restrain; calm down
tollo, tollere, sustuli, sublatus
lift, raise; destroy; remove, steal
aes, aeris
money, pay, fee, fare
redimo, redimere, redemi, redemptus
buy back, recover, replace by purchase
praeditus, praedita, praeditum
gifted; provided with
facultas, facultatis
means; ability, skill
congressus, congressus
meeting, interview; assembly/conference
jus, juris
gravy; broth; soup; sauce;
law (pl. only NOM, ACC), right; duty; justice; that which is binding; oath
maledictum, maledicti
insult, reproach, taunt
decoquo, decoquere, decoxi, decoctus
boil/melt (down/away); stew
ordior, ordiri, orsus sum V DEP
constituo, constituere, constitui, constitutus
set up/in position, erect
vitium, viti(i)
fault, vice, crime, sin
muliebris, muliebris, muliebre
feminine, womanly, female
reddo, reddere, reddidi, redditus
return; restore; deliver; hand over, pay back, render, give back
meretricius, meretricia, meretricium
of/belonging to/typical of a courtesan/prostitute/harlot
certus, certa -um, certior -or -us, certissimus -a -um
fixed, settled, firm; certain
how often; as often as
socius, soci(i)
associate, companion; ally
hortor, hortari, hortatus sum V DEP
encourage; cheer; incite; urge; exhort
merces, mercedis
pay, recompense, hire, salary, reward
tegula, tegulae
recordor, recordari, recordatus sum V DEP
think over; call to mind, remember
stuprum, stupri
dishonor, shame; (illicit) sexual intercourse
verecundus, verecunda -um
perstringo, perstringere, perstrinxi, perstrictus
graze, graze against; make tight all over; offend, make unfavorable mention
daily, every day; day by day; usually, ordinarily, commonly
festino, festinare, festinavi, festinatus
hasten, hurry
talis, talis, tale
such; so great; so excellent; of such kind
recordatio, recordationis
opinor, opinari, opinatus sum
suppose, imagine
very much; too much; exceedingly