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desino, desinere, desivi, desitus
give up; abandon; stop, leave off, cease, desist
ineptio, ineptire, -, -
play the fool, trifle
perdo, perdere, perdidi, perditus
ruin, destroy; lose; waste
fulcio, fulcire, fulsi, fultus
prop up, support
fulgeo, fulgere, fulsi, -
flash, shine; glow, gleam, glitter, shine forth, be bright
candidus, candida -um, candidior -or -us, candidissimus -a -um
bright, clear, transparent; clean/spotless; lucid; candid; kind; innocent
ventito, ventitare, ventitavi, ventitatus
keep coming; come regularly, come often; resort (to)
jocosus, jocosa, jocosum
humorous, funny, droll; sportive; factious; full of jesting/jokes/fun
fio, fieri, -, factus sum V SEMIDEP
be made, become; happen, take place
impotens, (gen.), impotentis
powerless, impotent, wild, headstrong
sector, sectari, sectatus sum V DEP
follow continually; pursue; pursue with punishment
obstinatus, obstinata, obstinatum
firm, resolved, resolute; obstinate
mens, mentis N F
mind; reason, intellect, judgement; plan, intention, frame of mind; courage
perfero, perferre, pertuli, perlatus
carry through; bear, endure to the end, suffer; announce
obduro, obdurare, obduravi, obduratus
be hard, persist, endure
invitus, invita, invitum
reluctant; unwilling; against one's will
adeo, adire, adivi(ii), aditus
approach; attack; visit, address; undertake; take possession (inheritance)
basio, basiare, basiavi, basiatus V TRANS
kiss, give a kiss
labellum, labelli
mordeo, mordere, momordi, morsus
bite; sting; hurt, pain; vex; criticize
destinatus, destinata, destinatum
resolved, resolute, firm
destino, destinare, destinavi, destinatus
bind, assign, devote; determine, design
perditus, perdita, perditum
ruined; degenerate; reckless; helpless
amatus, amata, amatum
loved, beloved