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ars vita longa brevis
art is long, life is short
ave, atque, vale
hello and goodbye
in bona fide
in good faith
calvo turpius nihil comato
there is nothing uglier than a bald man with hair
carpe diem
seize the day; live in the present, not the past or the future
casus belli
the cause of war
cave canem
beware of the dog
caveat emptor
let the buyer beware
cogito ergo sum
descartes' said i think therefore i am
confer (cf)
to compare
horn of supply (THanksgiving and the harvest)
cuerpos delicti
body of the crime, basic element of the crime; evidence
stare decious
to stay undecided
sumus victores
we are the champions
i believe
Veni, vedi, vici
i came, i saw, i conquered
ad hoc
for this
ad hominen
to the man
ad infinitum
something that just keeps going
ad nauseum
until we throw up
ad initio
from the beginning of time
ab ovo usque ad malo
from eggs to honey
that you are somewhere else; excuse to get out of accusation
alma matar
nourishing mother
annuit coeptis
(on the dollar bill) a god [higher being] nodded at our beginning; god favored the beginnings of our state
anno domini
ad (after death)
Quid agis?
how are you?
so, so
em vivo
im alive
plane infliciter
clearly horrid
ante bellum
before the war
ante meridiem
before midday (am)
post meridiem
past midday (pm)
ars gratia artis
on emblem for lion on MGM; art for the sake of art
cui bono
to whom, for good, or for who's benefit
cum grano salis
take it with a grain of salt (don't trust something entirely)
cum laude
with praise or with honors
curriculum vitae
course of life (resume)
de iure
by law (president bush is de iure president of the US)
de facto
by deed [not by law] [oppposite of de iure]
de gustibus non est disputandum
about the taste, there must be no arguing [different strokes for different folks]
de minimus non curat lex
the law does not care about trifles (the small things)
de mortuis nil nisi bonum
about the dead, there should be nothing spoken but good [dont talk about the dead unless you have something nice to say]
homo sapiens
wise man [scientific name]
de novo
from the new
deus ex machina
god from the machine [bring abrupt ending to something] [spiritual out of machine and resolve problems]
docendo discitur
learned by teaching [not really learn something until you've taught it yourself]
dramatis personae
actor or actress, masks of drama
dulce et decorum pro patris mori
it is sweet and right to die for one's own coutnry
earned or deserved
errave humanum
to error is human
et alia
and others
et cetera
and others
ex cathedra
medieval latin; from the bishops' chair; with authority
ex libris
from the books/library
ex nihilo nihil fit
from nothing nothing comes (nothing is made from nothing)
ex officio
from the office; by virtue of one's position
ex post facto
after the fact, from after the deed
ex tempore
little or no preperation
exempli gratia
(eg) for example
may (you/she/he) leave
fiat lux
first 2 words of the old testament; let there be light
festina lente
hurry slowly (move at a brisk pace but cautiously)
exeunt omnus
everybody depart (stage lines)
the end
genius loci
the guardian spirits of a place [either moving force or the experienced]
habeus corpus
right of body; gives the right to a trial; not unlawfully imprisoned