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(preceded by t, s, or x)
= agent, (person who does something)
e.g.: factor, advisor,
Ion (Io in Latin)
or Ura (ure in english)
= action or condition from action e.g.: action, adhesion
Men, Mentia, Mentum
(usually ment and men in ENG)
= action or condition from action
e.g.: fragment, specimen, semen
Ulum (bulum, culum, brum, crum, trim) Ula (bula)
= instrument
e.g.: vehiculum, curriculum
Ia, Tia (ce), Itas (ity), Tudo (tude)
Or (but not for, xor, sor)
= Quality, condition, state
e.g.: dementia
ENG 'ce' patience (from patientia)
magnitude (magnitude), purity (from puritas), altitude (altitudo)
Or - Calor, door, humour, tremor
Ium, Orium, Arium
(sometimes -ry in ENG)
= Place
e.g.: solarium, aquarium
mortuary, laboratory
Ulus, culls, ellis, unculus, ills
(-cle or il in ENG)
= small
e.g.: capsule (from capsula), globule (from globulus)
ENG 'ule'
pupil (from pupilla) fibril
Illis, Billis
(ENG -ile, -ble)
= ability, capacity
e.g.: fragile (from fragilis), audible (from audibilis)
ENG - 'ile', 'ible'
Eus, Ius, Aceus, Aneus, Inus
also iva, ivus, ivum
ENG - ive, -ous, -ine
= quality, or nature, made of
e.g.; ferrous (iron),
ENG - 'ine' canine, equine
ENG - 'ive' active, locomotive
Alis, Aris, Ilis
ENG -al -ar -ile
= connected or pertaining to
e.g.: senile, infantile (ENG - 'ile')
abdominal, dorsal, jugular, ocular
Ana (nus, num, neus) enus (num), ensis, estris
= place, origin
e.g.: subterranean (ENG 'ean'), canadian (ENG ian)
Osa (sus, sum), Lentum
= full of
ENG - 'ose' or 'ous'
e.g: fibrous, cellulose (from cellulosa), succulent (from succulentus) (ENG lent)
= put in to action, do
e.g.: radiate, elaborate, stimulate
Idus, Ida, Idum
(-id in ENG)
= state or condition
e.g.: rigid (from rigidus, arid (from aridus)
(often seen as scent)
= progressive action, step-by-step
e.g.: rubescent (becoming red)
= to, towards
e.g.: dorsad