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admirationi esse
to be an object of amazement, to amaze
auxilio esse
to be a means of assistance, to help
bono esse
to be a source of benefit, to benefit
curae esse
to be a source of concern, to cause anxiety
decori esse
to bring distinction, to adorn
dedecori esse
to be a cause of shame, to disgrace
detrimento esse
to be harmful, to harm
dolori esse
to be a cause of grief, to distress
exemplo esse
to be an example
exitio esse
to bring destruction, ruin
honori esse
to be an honour
impedimento esse
to be a hindrance, to hinder
laudi esse
to be a credit
ludibrio esse
to be an object of ridicule, to be laughed at
odio esse
to be an object of hatred, to be hated
oneri esse
to be a burden, to weigh down
periculo esse
to be a source of danger, to endanger
praesidio esse
to be a means of protection, to protect
saluti esse
to be the salvation, to save
subsidio esse
to be of assistance, to support, to help
usui esse
to be of use, to benefit