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-Husband of Alcestis, King
-should not die on day fixed by Destiny if he found someone to take his place
-Wife of Admetus, Queen
-Gave up her life for Admetus
-Hercules brought back from Hades
-mother of Hercules,Princess
-mortal seduced by Zeus
-granddaughter of Perseus & Andromeda
-race of warrior women
-couldn't stand men except as servants
-ruled by queen
-giant wrestler
-son of Gaia, Mother Earth, invincible as long as touching earth
-Heracles killed by hoisting him on his shoulders
apples of the Hesperides
-wedding gift to Hera from Gaia, Mother Earth
-guarded by dragon Ladon with 100 heads
-tended by nymphs
-held up sky on his shoulders
-picked golden apples
-tricked by Heracles
Augean Stables
-Eurystheus ordered Heracles to clean
-piles of dung
-Eurystheus wouldn't count this as a labor
cattle of Geryon
-red cows
-guarded by two-headed dog
-herd attacked by gadfiles sent by Hera
-dog of Hades
-three heads, serpent for tail
-chained up in front of gate to underworld
Cretan bull
-breathed fire, untameable
-belonged to Minos of Crete
-Heracles was to bring alive; grabbed horns and threw to ground
-princess, daughter of King Oeneus of Calydon
-wife of Heracles
Erymanthian boar
3rd labor; ran it till it was exhausted & brought back on his shoulders
-Eurytheus hid in an urn when he saw this
-ruler of Mycenae
-made Heracles undertake Twelve Labors
-had big bronze jar as a place to hide himself
girdle of Hippolyta
-golden girdle worn by queen of Amazons
-given freely but Hera provoked battle & Heracles killed her
-girdle had belonged to Ares
-greatest goddess, wife of Zeus
-daughter of Cronus & Rhea
-jealous, violent, angry at Zeus
-son of Zeus & Alcmene
-super strong & tall
-given labors by his cousin Eurystheus
horses of Diomedes
-mares who ate people
-needed to bring back alive
-belonged to Diomedes, king of Thrace
hydra of Lerna
-snake with 9 heads
-every head grew back immediately
-Heracles used burning trees to cauterize stumps
-Heracles' music teacher
-Heracles killed him
-played lyre
-1st wife of Heracles
-daughter of Creon
Nernean Lion
-invincible skin
-1st labor was to kill the lion
-blocked up in cave & strangled
-tried to carry off Deianira
-gave blood to Deianira
-got the poisoned arrows
Queen Omphale
-queen of Lydia
-dressed Heracles in women's clothing
-he was her slave for three years
Sacred hind of Artemis
-4th labor
-very fragile????
-had gilded horns, bigger than a bull, very swift
Stymphalian birds
-sharp metallic feathers
-scared away with rattle, then shot with arrows
-ate fruit & ravaged crops in Arcadia