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mihi accidit, accidere, accidit
it happens to me
mihi licet, licere, licuit
it is permitted for me
mihi placet, placere, placuit
it is pleasing to me
me decet, decere, decuit
it is becoming for me
me juvat, iuvare, iuvit
it delights me
syn. for enjoy
me miseret, miserere, miseruit
it distresses me
me oportet, oportere, oportuit
it is fitting for me
me paenitet, paenitere, paenituit
it displeases me
paen = pain
(answer is not 'it pains me')
me piget, pigere, piguit
it disgusts me
pigs are....
me pudet, pudere, puduit
it shames me
put downs .... a person
me taedet, taedere, taeduit
it wearies me
taed= tired
pluit, pluere, pluvit
it rains
ningit, ningere, ninxit
it snows
tonat, tonare, tonuit
it thunders
the TONE of his booming voice
coepi, coepisse
odi, odisse
memini, meminisse