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lugeo, luxi, luctum

(poem 3)
(macrons over u,o,i) v. mourn, lament; be in mourning.
venustus, a, um
cf. venustas
(poem 3)
adj. attractive, charming, graceful, pretty, neat.
plus (macrons over u)
n/adj. More

pluris: of more value
oculus cf. ocellus
(macrons over i) m. eye; eyesight; bud.
Ocellus,i:m.(little) eye; darling.
mellitus,a,um cf. mel
(macrons over i)adj. sweetened with honey; honey-sweet
nosco, (macrons over o,o)
novi, (macrons over o,i)
notum (macrons over o)
v. get a knowledege of,
learn to know;
(i) i, (macrons over i)
nt. lap, bosom; female genital parts; interior
salio (macrons over o) cf. circumsilio (macrons over o)
(macron over ii,i)
v. leap, jump; move suddenly; gush, spurt; (of male animals) mount, cover.
Circumsilio, v. leap around.
huc...illuc (macrons over u)
huc. adv. hither; to this place; so far.
illuc ,adv. thither.
pipio (macrons over first i,o)
v. (of birds) cheep.
usque, adv. (macrons over u)
adv. continuously, constantly; all along, all the way; all the while, as ong or as far as, until
-ad with acc: right up to.
tenebrae (no macrons);
arum (macrons over a) darkness, obscurity; night; dark corner; ignorance; concealment; gloomy state of affairs;
nego (macrons over o)v.
v. say no, deny; refuse, decline; say....not.
unde- (adv. no macrons)
unde-from what place? where...from? whence? from whom; out of which; from what source, cause, etc." from what stock, family, rank,etc?
cf. undique (adv. no macrons)
adv. from all sides or directions, from every side or place; in all respects
(poem 3)
cf(compare w.unde)...ubique (macrons over i)
adv. everywhere, anywhere, wherever.
bellus, a, um (no macrons)
cf.(compare) bellum
(poem 3)
adj. handsome, pretty, neat, agreeable, polite
cf.bellum,i:nt war; combat,fight
Aufero,(macrons over o)
auferre, abstuli (macron over i);ablatum(macron over 2nd a)
(poem 3) bear away; snatch away; carry off; obtain; destroy.
opera, ae (no macrons)f.

(poem 3)
pains,work,labour; task; care, attention, endeavour.
Operam- do with dat: apply oneself to; be at the service of, help
operae: pl. labourers; hired rowdies.
1.opus, eris nt.
2.opus, nt.
(poem 3)
(no macrons)
1.nt, work, effort; structure; pl. seige-works.
2.nt indec need, necessity
fleo;evi;etum (macrons over o;e,i;e)
cf. flo
(poem 3)
v. weep, cry; weep for.
flo (macrons over o)
cf. fleo,
(poem 3)
v. blow, sound; cast (by blowing)
fluo; uxi; uxum
(macrons over o; u,i; u)
(poem 3)
v. flow; stream; emanate; proceed (from); fall gradually; hang loosely
turgidus, a, um

(poem 3)
adj. swollen, inflated
poem 1
lepidus, a, um, (adj)(no macrons)
adj. agreeable, charming, delightful, amusing, witty.
poem 1
libellus; i; (macrons over i;i.)m.
m. little book; memorial; petition; pamphlet, defamatory pulication; program.
poem 1
quare (macrons over a,e)
adv. in what way? how? whereby; wherefore, why?
poem 2
deliciae; arum; fpl.
(macrons over 1st e; a in arum)
fpl. delight, pleasures; dalliance; airs and graces; darling, sweetheart.
poem 2
morsus; us (check dict. for macrons)
m. bite; sting; anguish, pain
poem 2
desiderium, (i)i (macrons)
nt desire, wishing, longing for; regret for what is absent; petition; request; favourite, darling.
poem 2
nitor, oris, m. (macrons)
m.brightness, splendour; beauty; elegance, smartness
poem 2
carum (carus,a,um)
adj.(macrons)dear, costly; precious, loved.
poem 2
quid lubet
quid adv. why?how? in what respect?
poem 2
solacium, (i)i,(macrons over o,a),
ct.(compare with) solaciolum
nt. solace, comfort, consolation.

(solaciolum)-nt, (little)comfort or solace.