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sum, think
Arbitror, arbitrārī, arbitrātus
sum, try, attempt
Cōnor, cōnārī, cōnātus

*Conor takes a complementary infinitive
sum, encourage, urge
Hortor, hortārī, hortātus

*Hortor  takes the accusative and is followed by an indirect command
sum, speak, talk
Loquor, loquī, locūtu
sum, delay
Moror, morārī, morātus
suffer, permit, allow
Patior, patī, passus sum,

*Patior is followed by an infinitive phrase (accusative subject)
entrust, permit
Permittō, permittere, permīsī, permissum,

(This obviously cannot be a deponent verb)

*Permitto is followed by an indirect object (dative) and a purpose clause
sum, promise
Polliceor, pollicērī, pollicitus
sum, set out, depart
Proficīscor, proficīscī, profectus

*Polliceor, like sperō, and other verbs of hoping, must be followed by an indirect statement that will normally have a fut
sum, seem
Videor, vidērī, visus