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anser, anseris
nm., goose
cervix, cervicis
nf., neck
custos, custodis
nm., guard.
frater, fratris.
nm., brother
leo, leonis
nm., lion
mater, matris
nf., mother
miles, militis.
nm., soldier
mulier, mulieris
nf., woman
iuglans, iuglandis
nf., walnut.
fons, fontis
nm., spring, fountain, origin, source.
mons, montis
nm., mountain.
nox, noctis
nf., night.
ops, opis
nf., power, help
pars, partis
nf., part, share
pater, patris
nm., father.
radix, radicis
nf., root, foot of a mountain, foundation, origin. (math.) root.
rex, regis
nm., king.
soror, sororis.
nf., sister
uxor, uxoris.
nf., wife.
vigil, vigilis
nm., fireman
acus, -us
nf., needle
aestus, -us
nm., heat
anus, -us
nf., crone, hag, old woman
arcus, -us
nm., bow.
artus, -us.
nm., joint, limb
condus, -us
nm., shopkeeper
cultus, -us
nm., civilization
domus, -us
nf., house, home
exercitus, -us
nm., army
fructus, -us
nm., enjoyment, profit, fruit produce
gradus, -us.
nm., step, pace
Idus, -uum.
nf. pl., Ides. (as in ``Beware the Ides of March!'')
lacus, -us.
nm., lake
magistratus, -us
nm., magistrate
manus, -us
nf., hand
metus, -us
nf., fear, dread
porticus, -us
nf., colonnade.
portus, -us
nm., harbor
quercus, -us
nf., oak
senatus, -us
nm., senate
adventus, -us
nm., approach, arrival
casus, -us.
nm., chance, case, falling
census, -us
nm., census
cruciatus, -us
nm., torture
flatus, -us
nm., wind
fletus, -us.
nm., weeping
fremitus, -us
nm., (loud) grumbling, muttering
motus, -us
nm., motion.
prospectus, -us
nm., view, prospect.
reditus, -us
nm., return
sensus, -us
nm., sensation, feeling
sonitus, -us
nm., sound, noise, din
spiritus, -us.
nm., breath, soul, enthusiasm
cornu, -us
nn., horn
genu, -us
nm., knee
sinus, -us
nm., indentation, fold, curve
tonsus, -us
nm., haircut
tribus, -us
nf., tribe