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gradus, -us
step (m)
manus, -us
hand, band (f)
porticus, -us
colonnade (f)
tribus, -us
tribe (f)
genu, -us
knee (n)
cornu, -us
horn (n)
veru, -us
spit (n)
arcus, -us
bow (m)
partus, -us
offspring (m)
artus, -us
limb (m)
saltus, -us
leap, mountain pass (m)
ictus, -us
blow (m)
portus, -us
harbour (m)
gemitus, -us
groan (m)
exitus, -us
exit (m)
impetus, -us
attack (m)
veru, -us
a spit (n)
artus, -us
limb (m)
abitus, -us
departure (m)
magistrate (m)
tonitrus, -us
thunder (m)
versus, -us
verse (m)
luctus, -us
lamentation (m)
monitus, -us
warning (m)
orsus, -us
beginning (m)
census, -us
census (m)
quercus, -us
oak (m)
mercatus, -us
trade, market (m)
reditus, -us
return (m)
quaestus, -us
gain, profit
anus, -us
old lady (f)
questus, -us
complaint (m)
domus, -us
house,home (f)
usus, -us
use (m)
fructus, -us
profit, enjoyment, fruit (m)