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Perfect Passive Indicative
Looks Like:
Perfect Passive Participle + Present Form of Esse
e.g. amatus sum
translated as: I have been loved

*ending must change to agree w/ the subject in terms of gender and number
Pluperfect Passive Indicative
like perfect passive indicative, BUT instead of using present forms of esse, it uses forms of eram, etc.

amatus eram
translated as: I had been loved
building contractor
wife of famous builder: Haterius
-tried to soothe him when angry about the arch
3 tools used by Romans
chisel, crowbar, and trowel
Materials found in good quality cement
clay, fine sand, lime mortar
Who restored the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus?
"I found Rome built of brick and left it made of marble."
Roman Engineering

opus caementicium
cement mixed with stone chips, broken bricks, and pieces of tile
Name two main structural uses of concrete and three structures in Rome that were built of concrete.
arches and ceilings

aqueducts, Pantheon, Flavian Amphitheater
apartment complexes
-not sturdy
-brick and timber
-rickety and liable to catch fire
Who was the Emperor during the Great Fire of A.D. 64?
Why was Salvius being affected by the greatest joy?
the Emperor had praised the arch of Haterius greatly
Why was Haterius alarmed by anger?
*no congratulating voices were heard
-neither clients nor friends were being admitted: he drove them away
-he was remaining at home alone
*"I have been completely deceived by Salvius. A huge prize had been promised to me by Salvius in return for all my labor. However, I accepted no prize; not even a thanks."

*It is not the riches but the dignity that is of concern."
What does Haterius want to be?
a priest
-then arrive at consulship
*Salvius promised priesthood to me and did not keep his promise