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nominative plural of: ugly arch
arcus tures
dative singular of: huge smile
risui vasto
accusative singular of: safe home
domum tutam
accusative plural of: bad fruit
fructus malos
nominative singular of: famous thing
res clara
genitive plural of: wonderful day
dierum mirarum
accusative plural of: nearby commotion
tumultus propinquos
dative plural of: new horn
cornibus recentibus
accusative plural of: foolish face
facies studiosas
nominative plural of: loud sound
sonitus sonori
ablative singular of: strange noise
strepitu novo
genitive singular of: dark hand
manus obscurae
ablative singular of: quick pace
passu celere
genitive plural of: hot heat
aestuum calidorum
dative singular of: continuous barking
latratui perpetuo