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Nominative Singular of: A Beautiful Smile
Risus Pulcher
Accusative Singular of: Our Army
Exercitum Nostrum
Dative Singular of: Loud Barking
Latratui Magno
Ablative Singular of: The Old Senate
Senatu Antiquis
Nominative Singular of: A Famous Arch
Arcus Clarus
Accusative Singular of: Good Fruit
Fructum Bonum
Ablative Singular of: Fierce Noise
Strepitu Fero
Nominative Plural of: Deep Sound
Sonitu Alti
Genitive Singular of: Much Hope
Spei Multae
Genitive Singular of: A Wretched Sight
Speciei Miserae
Dative Plural of: A Grateful Home
Domibus Gratis
Accusative Plural of: A New Day
Dies Novos
Genitive Plural of: A Friendly Appearance
Facierum Amicarum
Ablative Plural of: A Roman Army
Exercitibus Romanis
Ablative Plural of: A Swift Pace
Passibus Celeribus