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Nominative Reasons
Subject, Predicate
Genetive Reasons
Possession, Partitive, Description, Quantity, Subjective, Objective
Dative Reasons
Indirect Object, Special Verb, Reference, Agent, Compound Verb
Accusative Reasons
Direct Object, Place to Which, Duration of Time
Ablative Reasons
Accompaniment, Personal Agent, Manner, Means, Cause, Time When, Place from Which, Place in Which
Nominative Endings
a/ae, us/i, -/es
Genetive Endings
ae/arum, i/orum, is/um
Dative Endings
ae/is, o/is, i/ibus
Accusative Endings
am/as, um/os, em/es
Ablative Endings
a/is, o/is, e/ibus
Present Endings
o mus
s tis
t nt
Imperfect Endings
bam bamus
bas batis
bat bant
Perfect Endings
vi vimus
visti vistis
vit verunt
Pluperfect Endings
veram veramus
veras veratis
verat verant