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Jews who spoke Yiddish
eastern Europe
dominated mirgation during Holocaust
northern Africa and western Europe and Liberia
prominent place in Spanish commerce, educcation and industry
"The worship of the saints"
widespread formof African folk Catholicism
focuses outwordly on Cahtolic saints, they are really images of Yoruban gods called orishas
has sorcery and animal sacrifice
believe that theycan cause the event to happen
the orishas can possess the believer and may engage in violent or physical behaviors before collapsing
means god or spirit
Haiti and the French Antilles
African gods called loas
Used by Toussaint L'Ouverture to begin Haitian slavve uprising
two cults, houmfort/temple and rada
folk Catholicism
African origin
consist of pre-Conquest ceremonies and experiences
viewed as paganistic and Satanic
Most Charismatic and Fastest growning of all the denominations
Assemblies of God and Church of God
Pentecostal faiths
2/3-3/4ths of the Protestant pop
Seventh-Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Mormons
some do baptism by immersion and laying on of hands
Most value healing
practice of giing jobs and appointments to relatives regardless fo their qualifications
hinders society
leads to bribery
Amoral familism
Describes such societies where "right" and "wrong" actions come to be defined only on the basis of whether they result in immediate gain or punishment to the individual and his or her family, rhater than on the impact of the actions of the larger community over time.
The Amoral Familism 7
1. No one will work further the interest of the groupr or community except as it is to his or her private advantage to do so
2. Organizations based on selfless ervice and sacrifice will be difficult to establish and maintain
3. the law is wantonly disregarded when there is no fear of punishment
4. Officeholders take bribes whenever possible, the public assumes that officeholders take bribes, whether they do or not
5. Claims of persons declaring their desire to render public good are regarded as fraudulent
6. There is a shortage of both leaders and followers in public affairs because no one will take the initiative and no one will follow, except as it is to their private advantage to do so
7. Support for benficial community projects will come only from those who believe that they will personally gain from them, all others will attempt to defeat the projects
Romulo Gallegos
wrote Dona Barbara
was a passionate novel of the life on the Venezuelan Llanos
la dignidad de la persona
one's individual self-worth or personal dignity
The largeholdings
haciendas, estancias, and plantations
Selective planting and harvesting of woody and some non-woody without altering the composition and structure of the forest
plantation forestry
planting large areas to a single tree species in the hope of reaping commercially sustainable harvests of wood, food, or industrical productsin rainforest, central and southern Chilie
containe pine, teak, eucalyptus, gmelina, acacia mangium
the rapid expansion of cattle ranching and the pastures that support it
Jose Hernandez
Epic Poem, Matin Fierro
Ricardo Guiraldes
Don Segundo Sombra
Jose Eustasio Rivera
The Vortex
Mario Vargus Llosa
The Green House
Alejo Carpentiers
The Lost Steps
Claude McKay
Banana Bottom
sensitive account of Caribbean peasant life
Euclides da Cunha
Rebellion in the Backlands
Brazil's Serta
J. Lins do Rego
Plantation Boy
Northeast Sugar
Jorge Amado
Gabriela, Cloves and Cinnamon
Atlantic cacao regions
four forms of medieval Catholic devotion
1. Relics
2. images of saints
3. Virgin Mary worship
4. images of Christ
Liberation theology
Christian and Marxist thought
perceives poverty as a structual rather than as an individual problem, define sin as oppression of the poor by the elites and righteousness as helping the poor overcome their explited condition
Basic Ecclesial Community or CEB
Old World plants introduced
wheat, barley, rice olives, grapes, figs, citrus, chickpea, sugar cane, bananas, coconut, mango, coffee, nutmeg, castor bean, cottom, horses, donkeys, cattle, sheep, goats, swine, chickens
form of sharecropping in old haciendas
animal-powered grindstone mill
produced from the juice was dark brown and had leaves in it, declining since 1700s, still some exsit that create panela
brown sugar loaf made in trapiche
water or wind powered mills
corporate-owned steam powered complexes for sugar
dry season harvest period
Sigatoka leaf blight
can be killed with copper sulphate
Henry Meiggs Keith
American railroad bilder contracted by Costa Rica to make a line frommeseta central to Limon
Cavendish bananas
more disease resistant than other kinds of bananas, less tasteful
common grzing land, usually outskirts of a Spanish settlements