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What separates the people of western South America from thos living in central and eastern South America?
Andes Mountains
People who live at high elevations must adapt to_______
lower temperatures
The Pampas region in South America is most widely used for ______
Farming and raising cattle
Which is the longest river in Latin America?
The Rio de la Plata river system in South America is important for______
Transportation route
the only navigable river in Middle America is
Rio Grande
The tierra fria would best described as
The hot, lowland tropical zone of Latin America is called the
tierra caliente
Many Latin American countries have trouble developing and using their natural resources because......
the resources are difficult to reach
The largest tropical rain forest in the world is located in ______
The Amazon rain forest is important to the whole world because it provides
much of the world's oxygen
Many of the first large colonies in Latin America were established by the ____
In which part of latin America do the descendants of enslaved Africans live today?
the Caribbean
One way in which Latin Americans differ from Canadians is ______
Latin Americans are of mixed ancestry
What term best describes the ethnic diversity of Latin America?
melting pot