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Hic est liber.
This is a book.
Hic est liber meus. Ille est liber tuus.
This is my book. That is your book.
Estne liber ille tuus?
Is that book yours?
Estne liber hic meus?
Is this book mine?
Ille est liber tuus?
That is your book.
Quid est ille?
What is that?
Ille est stilus
That is a pen.
Hic est stilus meus.
This is my pen.
Elephantus non capit murem.
Elephants don't catch mice.
Lupus non est canis.
A wolf is not a dog.
Elephantus non est mus.
An elephant is not a mouse.
Antonius linguam Latinam docet.
Anthony teaches the Latin language.
Marcus habet felem. Feles canem timet.
Marcus has a cat. The cat fears the dog.
Mus felem timet. Feles murem capit.
The mouse fears the cat. The cat catches the mouse.
Quintus porcum habet. Porcus lupum timet.
Quintus has a pig. The pig fears the wolf.