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approve, esteem, certify, sanction, let
probo, probāre, probavi, probatum
area, region, district, neighborhood
regio, regionis, f.
opinion, feeling, thought, vote
sententia, sententiae, f.
star, planet, heavenly body, constellation
stella, stellae, f.
door, gate
foris, foris, n. (i-stem)
carrus, carri, m.
sit down, subside, encamp, settle
consido, considere, considi, consessum
hard, stern, rough, inflexible
durus, dura, durum
scatter, strew, sprinkle, spot
sprago, spargere, sparsi, sparsum
wash, bathe, soak
lavo, lavāre, lavi, lavatum
mensis, mensis, m. (i-stem)
fresh, recent, rested
recens, recentis
rebuild, repair, restore
reficio, reficere, refeci, refectum
annihilate, erase, wipe out, destroy
deleo, delēre, delevi, deletum