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dies, -ei, m.
appearance; face
facies, -ei, f.
faith, trust, belief
fides, -ei, f.
ground, earth, soil
humus, -i, f.
thing, affair, fact
res, rei, f.
country, countryside; country place
rus, ruris, n.
sight, appearance, show; kind
species, -ei, f.
hope, expectation
spes, -ei, f.
public, belonging to the people
publicus, -a, -um
of the country, of farming
rusticus, -a, -um
republic, commonwealth
res publica
about the business (science, art) of farming
de re rustica
revolution, political change
res novae
favorable circumstances, prosperity
res secundae
a poem about the nature of the universe
carmen de rerum natura
in actual fact, really
re vera
to your (my, his, her, their, etc.) own advantage
ex tua (mea, sua, etc.) re
sum-total, the bottom line
summa res
in all respects
omnibus rebus
Mind your own business.
Fac tuam rem.