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what is latex?
*natural rubber protein
where is rubber protein obtained from?
*tree in brazil
what is the incidence in the general population?
*b/w 1-6%
73% of peds population w/these conditions exhibit latex allergy?
*spina bifida
*SC injury
*congenital urinary tract
what is the incidence of latex allergies in healthcare workers?
8 - 17%
what is the incidence of latex allergies in anesthesia providers?

(dental students 10%)
what other allergies a/w latex allergies?
*sweet pepper
what can happen with exposure to latex gloves?
sever hand dermatitis
what else might trigger latex allergies?
*seasonal rhinitis
contact dermatitis is what kind of rxn?
*type IV sensitivity
what is the most severe rxn in latex allergies?
*IgE mediated (type I)
*anaphylactic rxn
what happens in anaphylactic rxns?
*B cells produce IgE Ab in response to initial exposure to an antigen
what do the Ab do anaphylactic rxn?
*bind to receptors on the surfaces of mast cells and basophils
what happens to a reexposure to an antigen in anaphylactic rxn?
*results in activation of effector cells and release of histamine, leukotrienes, prostaglandins, kinins
what is an anaphylactoid rxn?
*chemically mediated
*no previous sensitization
*same clinical presentation as anaphylaxis
what are the agents that are implicated in anaphylactic rxn?
*ABX (PCN, cephalosp, sulfona)
*LA (procaine)
what agents produce an anaphylactoid rxn?
*muscle relax (sux, atri, mevi, pan, vec, curare)
*opioids (fenta, MSO4, demerol)
*hypnotics (propofol, thio, etom)
what does histamine do in an allergic rxn?
what does prostaglandin do in an allergic rxn?
what does leukotrienes do in an allergic rxn?
what do proteoglycans do in an allergic rxn?
what do proteases do in an allergic rxn?
what is the hallmark manifestation in an anaphylaxis rxn during anesthesia?
what is the length of time after exposure to an allergen before s/s appear?
10 to 290 minutes after exposure
what are the CV signs of anaphylaxis?
*dec BP
*CV collapse
*pulm HTN
what are some pulm signs of anaphylaxis?
*inc RR
*laryngeal edema
*pulm edema
*dec pulm compliance
*difficult to ventilate
*inc PAWP
*resp failure
what are the CNS sign of anaphylaxis?
*loss of consciousness
what are the cutaneous signs of anaphylaxis?
*inc skin temp
*periorbital edema
what are the GI signs of anaphylaxis?
*abd pain
what are the renal signs of anaphylaxis?
*dec renal output
what is the primary tx plan of anaphylaxis?
*stop admin of antigen
*100% O2
*d/c all anesth agents
*Epi 5-10 mcg IVP for hypoten
*epi 0.1-1mg IVP CV collapse
what is the secondary tx plan of anaphylaxis?
*antihistamines 0.5-1mg/kg
*catecholamine infusions
*aminophylline 5-6mg/kg over 20min (persistent bronchospasm)
*NaHCO2 (0.5-1meq/kg)
*airway eval prior to extubate
what happens to the pt after an anaphylactic crisis?
*ICU for 24hrs
how long can s/s of sver rxn occur?
up to 32 hours
*pulm HTN
*laryngeal obstruction
what blood tests are ordered following an anaphylactic crisis?
*RAST test for IgE
*tryptase levels (serial test immed after exposure, 1hr & 6hr after exposure)