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What are the 2 cases involed in flag burning?
Texas vs. Johnson
United States v. Eichman
Why was the law Texas passed unconstitutional?
It violated right to free speech.
Symbolic Speech
An act that conveys a political message, such as burning a draft card to protest the draft.
14th ammendment
For the 1st time, brought into the constitution language that created the possibility that some or all of the Bill of Rights could restrict state's actions.
What was the key phrase in the 14th ammendment?
Due Process Clause: No state shall..deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law.
Gitlow vs. NY
1st case where bill of rights was applied to the states
Written statement that defames the character of another person.
Oral statement that defames the character of another person.
A public figure winning a libel suit:
Is harder to do, they must prove
a) publication was false&damaging
b) words publish were actual malice- purposeful
Free Exercise Clause
1st part of 1st Ammendment:Congress shall make no law prohibiting "free exercise" of religion.