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mental illness in psychopathology is associated with what model of abnormal behavior?
medical model
what axis do you record environmental factors?1
axis 4
someone that has a brief attack think they are having a heart attack, breathing heavily, nervous
panic attack
phobias are produced by what type of conditioning?
phobias are maintained through what type conditioning?
someone who loses the use of their arm; paralyzed but no biological disorder; what type of disorder is this?
conversion- lose some function, but no biological base
what are some symptoms of major depression?
persistent feeling of sadness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, worthlessness
when you talk about genetic vulnerability; larger affect on women or men?
what are positive symptoms of schizophrenia?
dillusions, bizarre behaviors, hallucinations
what are the 2 disorders most common problems of people who seek psychotherapy?
anxiety, and depression
psychoanalytic theorist when treating a disorder are trying to uncover what?
unconscious conflict from childhood
a client that shows up late for an appointment, refuses to talk about their past, misses apointments, shows his what?
what is goal of client centered therapy?
look for approval from self rather than seeking from others
what is the main purpose in Aaron Beck's cognitive therapy?
change hated thoughts and irrational behavior
psychopharmalatical therapy- treatment of medical disorders with what?
what are some ways to improve therapy for minorities in AMerica?
better training and recruitment, clients who have background in diff ethnic groups, culture sensitive training, minority therapists
behavior that causes anxiety of concern for the individual?
personal distress
actual clinical diagnosis on what axis?
axis 1 or 2
waht is agoraphobia?
fear of going to public places
biological predisposition- have fears?
what is the tnedency to misinterpret minor body condittions as serious conditions?
when you have periods of both depression adn mania?
what illness has a fragmentation of thougth process?
what do you need in order for someone to be judged legally insane?
they arent responsible for crime because they didn't know what they were doing was wrong
what is the psychiatrists main specialty-what type of treatment do they use?
what technique that Freud- clients expressed their thoughts and feelings exactly as they occur?
free association
what is transference?
clients relate to therapists in a way that mimics relationships in their lives
what is unconditional positive regard?
acceptance of client no matter what their behaviors still love and accept them
what are some benefits of group therapy?
peer support, act as therapists for each other, less expensive, treat more people at once
the idea that you can't be relaxed adn have fear at the same time?
systematic desensitization
kind of conditioning gives alcholic drug to make nauseous so they dont drink anymore...
approach treating depression by- cognitive therapy, putting in group for depression, and giving anti depressants. what is this called?
eclectic approach
eclectic apporach?
many different approaches from diff schools
what therapist would say behaviors can be modified through applicational models of conditioning
what type of drugs reduce delusions and halucinations and psycotic symptoms
what is the transfering of individuals from inpatient treatment to community programs
if you have somone who has high blood pressure what axis of the DSM4 would it go on
axis 3
general disorder...worry, tear, trembling
anxiety disorder
what is ocd?
obsessive compulsive disorder...persistant uncontrollable intrusions of unwanted thoughts and urges to engage in senseless rituals
what disorder- shop from doc to doc with a different ailment
somatisization disorder
what is disassociative identity disorder?
person has two or more personalities
what episode would you call if someone is herperactive, 3 hours of sleep at night, think they are best selling author, racing thoughts?
person has bizarre beliefs with no basis in reality is?
when do we involuntarily admit someone?
harmful to self, harmful to others, cant take care of self, in need of treatment
what does psychoanalytic and clinical therapies have in common
insight therapies
psychoanalytic theorists would give an example of what a dream means is and example of what?
rogers refers to client centered therapy as...
playing a major role in direction of therapy
client centered therapist focus on interpretation or clarification?
spontanious remission in therapy
recovery without treatment