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the great fleet sent from spain against england
Dutch east india company
first multinational corporationn first to issue stocks
commercial revolution
rise of private banking, money economy, and trading organization
cardinal richlieu
the poer behind the throne of Louis xiii 1585-1642
Bill of rights
addresses the rights of parliment 1689
charles i
struggled with parliment resulted in civil ward was beheaded for treason 1625-1649
charles ii
reigned during the restoration a period of expanding trade 1660-1685
french politician, advisor to louis xiv, reformed taxes centralized the administration and tried to expand trade 1619-1683
government in which power is distibuted and imited by a system
oliver cromwell
lord protector of england 1559-4658
diggers and levellers
christian communist land rights movement during the rule of Oliver cromwell
divine right monarchy
monarch owed his rule to the will of god
frederick the great
king of persia won the war of the austrian succession and the 7 year war brought persia great military prestige 1749-1786
Frederick william
elector of bradenburg reorganized and rebuilt after 30 year war 1640-1688
French classicim
early 17th century french art, implies and adherence to cetain rules of proportion and sobriety uncharacteristic to borque
the frode
political party that opposed the government and made war upon the court party during louis xiv
glorious revolution
resulted in the deposition of james ii and the accession of william iii and mary ii to english thrown
habeas corpus
the right of a citizen to obtaina legal document
Thamas hobbes
philosopher and politician theoist wrote a book leviathan about submission to absolute authority 1588-1679
interval of time between en d of sovereign reigh an the accession of a successor
james i
believed in devine right of kings
james ii
last stuwart king to tule both england and scotland1685-1688
john locke
philosopher ideas formed liberal democracy and influenced french and american revolution 1632-1704
louis xiv
the sun king longest reign in french history 1643-1715
maria thesa
queen of hungary and bohemia war of austria succession and 7 year war 1740-1780
system of political ecomomy prevailing in europe after the decline of feudalism
new model army
professional soldiers lead by trained generals
peace of utrecht
series of treaties that concluded the spanish succession 1713
peter the great
transfomred russia from isolation to a empire with european powers 1682-1725
petition of right
refusal of parliment to fund kings unpopular foreign policy 1628
puritan revolution
against charles i of england ended in defeat and execution of the king resulted int he createion of common wealth
strict religious discipline protestant beliefs
after emporer napoleon i and bourbon king returend louis xvii was returned to the throne
test act
ecluded from office all those who refused to take oaths of alligence and supremacy
palace built by louis xiv in 17 century
war of the spanish succession
last of the general european wars caused by efforts of louis siv to expand france
william of orange
proclaimed joint monarch with mary daughter of mjames ii after james fled
all power vested in one ruler