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Continuous Reinforcement
reinforcer follows each response
Intermittent Reinforcement
reinforcer follows response only once in a while

*resistant to extinction
Fixed Ratio(FR)Sched of Reinf.
a reinforcer follows a fixed number of responses
*I must prs levr 10 times for each reinforcer
*High rate of resp. untl renfrcd
Variable Ratio(VR) sched of Rein
a reinfrcr follows aftr a variable # of responses
-VR50=I get reinfrcd after an avg of 50 respnses
*almst no postreinfrcmt pause
*****Slot Machines!
Fixed Interval(FI) Sched of rein
Reinforcement becomes available after a fixed amt of time since the last Opportunity 4 reinfrcmt. But, the delivery of the reinforcer is conting on resp.
*FI2'=reinfrcmt available after 2' have passed since last opportunity for reinforc
Variable Interval(VI) Sched rein
reinfrcmt avail. aft a variable intrvl of time since the last opportunity for renfrcmt BUT delivery is conting on resp.
*reinf avail. aft passage of an avg intrval of time
*VI2'=Opprty of reinf come on avg of every 2min
-Produces a moderate rate of resp w/ almst no postreinf pausing
Concurrent Contingencies
More than one contingency of reinf or pun. is avail at same time

Compatible Responses
-2 physically compat resp.
*Teach reinf Jons reading w/ attention while relife frm runny nose reinf Jons sniffing

Compatible Contingencies
-Reinf or Pun for a SINGLE resp.
*Teach reinf Jon with attntn while interesting book also reinf reading.

Incompatible Contingencies
-2 conting. w/ a single resp. that dont work together.
*Teach reinf Jons reading but kid throws spitbal at him everytime he picks up a book.

Incompatible Response
-2 dif resp that dont wrk togeth
*Teach reinf Jons Reading while friend reinf Whispering
Free Operant
behav modified by consequences and you are free to do it again