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It depends on the person, if they're a musician try to point out musicianship and if they're not then try to show them the lyrics or something. Sometimes it's hard to get a person that doesn't like it into it because they're like "Oh it's just noise" and it's hard to get them to learn that it's real music. Listen to these parts here, listen to that, you slowly just put things together.
My parents are actually big heavy metal fans now too, when I first started playing guitar they were like "What is this crap?" and now they're huge Killswitch fans and a lot of other metal bands fans' too.
The best thing to do, though, is once you've written some material try to get some kind of recording and try to show it to as many people as you can. It's one of those industries that it's not how good you are it's kind of who you know. It's one of those things that there are so many great bands out there who will never get recognized and it's a shame. You just have to stick with it.
I like to see people jumping around, I don't like to see people get hurt and get hit in the face ya know.
I just think that some people in some scenes just take it too far and kind of single people out. It's a shame too because people shouldn't be that way, if people want to jump around and have a good time then that's cool.
Mike: I think a lot of the reason metal is becoming more popular now is because of how the world is, because of how fucked up the country and world in general is right now.

Joel: Yeah I think people need aggressive music when there's a lot of stuff going on around them like this.
I just hope that whatever happens with this Iraq war and everything that it just gets smoothed out somehow.
It's not even Republicans, it's the whole right-wing arrogance and it's the whole military-industrial complex greed.
The oil companies just keep sticking it to us. It's record profits, record profits, and they just want more.
Delphi just went out of business today, a main parts supplier for GM and of course, right before they went bankrupt, all of the CEO's gave themselves nice parachute pension plans, you know? And they fucked over all of the workers. They're four billion in debt on their pension plan. All sorts of this greed and arrogance is what really gets my goat.
I think they have no choice. As gas prices go up, it's like this whole domino effect. It's not only homeland security, it's not only just the economy, but it's the environment, it's a snowball effect. Pretty soon, it's gonna effect every facet of your everyday life. If people like to hide their heads in the sand and hope that the problems will go away, or let other people solve them, eventually it's gonna hit everyone. It's like the Vietnam War, everybody was all gung-ho, believed the President, Johnson, Kennedy, it was like "Let's stop Communism", that's what it was all about. But as soon as more and more people were affected by body bags coming home, then people see, it touches your everyday life. Then, you have no choice but to spring into action.
I really don't see it as being much of a change, if any, or very little of a change. Like I said, the whole military-industrial complex and the lobbying and the money that's behind campaigns and the parties themselves, pretty much make it status quo and more of the same.
Obviously, the money has to get out of the idea business, which is what politics should be, ideas on how to improve society.
I believe in democracy, but true democracy. I'm more of a Social Democrat, Green Party type of guy, if you will, if you really need to categorize. But there's certain issues that I lean toward more moderate, right, on as opposed to others. Basically, that's what a democracy is, is various ideas pooling together to make a better society. I hate to pigeonhole my political beliefs, but I think that people's voices aren't being heard from the money that's involved in the special interest groups.
That's the war. Everyone is talking about the Iraq war, but the real war, to me, where more people are being affected than the two thousand killed in Iraq, as sad as that is, the real war is on the middle class. This is exactly the way it was at the turn of the century, from the 1900's to the twentieth century, where you had your railroad and your steel magnates and new oil magnates, that had busted all the unions up and you basically had slave labor, sixteen hour days, the coal mines, the same energy industry people, while record profits were being made, so you had your very few rich and a mass worker class that was basically subsisting and existing and not living.