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LI 1
Proximal to the coronary band, on the craniomedial aspect of the fore foot.
LI 4
On the medial side of the forelimb, just palmar to the medial splint bone and distal to its base, at the level between the proximal and middle thirds of the cannon bone.
There are 3 depressions on the palmar aspect of the cannon: LI 4 is located at the level of the second depression.
LI 10
At the junction of the proximal and middle third of the lateral surface of the radius, in the muscular groove between the extensor carpi radialis and the common digital m. (2 cun below LI 11)
LI 11
In a depression cranial to the elbow in the transverse cubital crease.
LI 16
In a depression on the cranial border of the scapula, at the intersection of the cranial margin of the suprascapular m. and the caudal margin of the brachiocephalic m., cranioventral to the first thoracic vertebra.
LI 17
In the muscular groove between the cleidomastoideus portion of the brachiocephalic m. and the omotransversarius mm., cranioventral to the sixth cervical vertebra.
LI 18
Dorsal to the jugular vein, on the cranial border of the cleidomastoideus m. at the level of the ventral border of the mandible.
LI 20
In a depression just caudal to the nares at the dorsal tip of the alar cartilage.