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Vertebral formula of the pig
How many teeth does an adult pig have?
Full permanent mammalian dentition (44 total): 3 incisors, 1 canine, 4 premolars, 3 molars

Canines continually grow in males
What are "needle teeth"?
Right/left incisor 3 and canine 1 on the upper and lower arcades

May be clipped at birth
When do permanent teeth begin to erupt?
5-6 months
What is the dorsal pouch off the esophagus that pigs have?
Pharyngeal diverticulum

Avoid when medicating with a dose syringe!
Where is the heart located?
Between the 2nd through 5th ribs

Covered by thoracic limb and triceps brachii m. in standing animal
What is the tracheal bronchus? What does it do?
Additional branch of trachea cranial to the tracheal bifurcation that functions to ventilate the cranial lobe of the right lung
What are the weight-bearing digits?
Digits 3 and 4
Connected by interdigital ligaments
Where is the cecum located?
To the left of the median plane, against the dorsal portion of the left flank
Describe the loops in the spiral colon.
Internal loops are smooth and directed centrifugally
External loops are sacculated and in centripetal turns
Where are the kidneys?
Ventral to L1-L4 vertebrae

Typically parallel, though left kidney may be more cranial

Embedded in fat
What accessory sex glands does the pig have?
1. Vesicular glands: large and lobulated, dorsal to the neck of the urinary bladder
2. Prostate gland: small, irregular shape with a small body and large disseminate structure in the pelvic urethral wall
3. Bulbourethral glands: large and long, they extend cranially to contact pole of the vesicular glands. The dorsal surface is covered by the bulboglandularis m. which aids in empyting of glands
What is the preputial diverticulum?
A dorsal outpocketing of the prepuce that can accumulate debris, semen, and bacteria
How many pairs of mammary glands do pigs have?
6-7 pairs

Each teat has two orifices, each with its own lactiferous duct system
The vulva slants in what direction?
The ____ vein is sometimes used for intravenous injections or collection of small amounts of blood
lateral auricular
The ____ is the most movable part of the pig’s muzzle and it is supported by the ____ bone which lies against the rostral end of the nasal septum.
The pig has ____ complete digits (digits two – five), each composed of three phalanges. Digits ____ are weight bearing.
3 and 4
The ____ nasal concha extends from the ethomoid turbinates to the rostral bone.

The ____ nasal concha is large and fills most of the nasal cavity. It consist of several ‘scrolls’ when seen in the transverse plane.
The principle tonsils in the pig are the ____. They are located at the rostral end of the ____.
tonsils of the soft palate
soft palate
The ____ vein is the most common site for drawing blood in the pig.
Explain how this is done.
external jugular vein

A line is drawn connecting both shoulder joints and the manubrium. A second line is drawn from the manubrium at a 45° angle from the 1st line. In a standing animal the needle is
inserted at an angle perpendicular to the skin were the second line crosses the jugular furrow (located by feeling the depression between the manubrium and shoulder).
he tail of the epididymis and caudal pole of the testis point ____, while the head of the epididymis is in a ____position.
The porcine penis has a prescrotal ____ and the shaft of the penis has a long longitudinal ____ twist when viewed from the caudal to cranial aspect.
sigmoid flexure