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If a vowel is at the end of a little word, the vowel says its name
eg. me , no , go
If a little word ends in y, the y says /i/
eg. dry , my , sky
Put a silent e at the end of a word, and the vowel before it says its name
eg. cut --> cute
mad --> made
If a word has a silent e at the end, the vowel says its name
eg. cute , home , tube
sh says /sh/ as in shell
eg. ship , fish
th says /th/ as in thumb
eg. three
wh says /wh/ as in wheel
eg. whip
ch says /ch/ as in chair
eg. cheese
tch at the end of a word says /ch/ as in watch
et. match
ng says /ng/ as in ring
eg. king
ck says /k/ as in clock
eg. duck
ee says /e/ as in tree
eg. feet , sheep
ea can say /e/ as in ear
eg. leaf , bead
ai and ay say /a/ as in pail and pay.
ai is at the beginning or in the middle of a word.
ay is at the end of a word
eg. sail , hay