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smallest unit of speech sound, 40 in each language about, language specific
smallest unit that signals meaning, prefixes, suffixes, roots, can be entire words, 50,000 + in each language
combinations of one or more morpheme, adult know several hundred thousand
organized groupings of words. Building blocks of sentences
group of phrases conveying meaning
surface structure
the phrase structure that applies to the order in which the words were actually spoken
deep structure
the fundamental underlying phrase structure that conveys the meaning
phrase structure
each word is assigned a role, rules specify in what oder the conbinations these roles can occur. same phrase structure can have two different meanings. and two different phrases can have one meaning, in passive vs active voice
two surface structures have a deep structure that conveys the same meaning
same wording can have more than one meaning
Lexical ambiguity
word has multiple meanings
meaning of the word is confused
problems for computerized translations
Syntactical ambiguity
structure is confusing
same words can be grouped together into more than one phrase structure
not words but grammar that matters here
Referential ambiguity
same word/phrase can refer to two different things within a sentece. (it, she, one)
Lexical access/lexicon
you see the word bug in a sentence, is it the insect, spy, or computer virus.
only after you retrieve all possible meanings of the word from the lexicon does the context help
context guides access to the lexicon, so you only retrieve the correct meaning for the word
lexicon = mental dictionary