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The study of word structure
The smallest meaningful unit of language
Variations of morphemes, they do not alter the original meaning of the morpheme (ez, z,s)
The study of sentence structure. The arrangement of words to form meaningful sentences. Word order of overall structure of a sentence. A collection of rules that specify the ways and order in which words may be combined to form sentences in a particular language.
Sentence Classification: Passive
Subject receives the action of the verb (the puppy was petted by Mike)
Sentence Classification: Active:
Subject performs actions of the verb (Mike petted the puppy.)
Sentence Classification: Interrogatives
Sentence Classification: Declaratives
Sentence Classification: Imperatives
State a command
Sentence Classification: Exclamatory
Express a strong feeling
Sentence Classification: Compound
Two of more independent clauses
The study of rules that govern the use of language in social situations
Behavioral Theory
(Skinner) It does not explain the acquisition of language. The system of behavioral analysis explains the acquisition in verbal behavior. Verbal behavior is considered to be a form of social behavior maintained by the actions of a verbal community. Verbal behaviors are acquired under appropriate conditions of stimulation, response and reinforcement. Behavior scientists suggest that learning, not innate mechanisms plays a major role in the acquisition of language
Verbal responses to objects or events that stimulate speaking
Imitative verbal responses
Nativist Theory
(chomsky) syntactic structures are the essence of language and that language is the product of the human mind. There are universal rules of grammar that apply to all languages. Children are born with language acquision device (lad) that is specialized language processor that is a physiological part of the brain. Children are born with an innate capacity to learn through environmental stimulation, reinforcement, or teaching