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what are the 3 elements of style.
word choice, sentence structure and length, literary devices such as figurtive language symbols dialouge and imagery.
the way the author uses words, phrases, and sentences to express his or her ideas.
understanding the ______ the author is creating will help your understanding of the work as a whole
the feeling that a literary work gives to readers
list the 5 steps to the plot structure in order
exposition,rising action,climax,falling action,resolution
what is the climax
the turning point highest point of intrest where the action reaches its peak
what are the 3 external conflicts
man vs. man,man vs. nature,man vs. society
what is the deffintition of external conflict
charactor struggles against an out side struggle or force
what is the the 1 internal conflict
man vs. himself
what is the deffinition of internal conflict
a struggle wihin a charctor him or herself