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The curanderas are good to use as a doctor if you are sick.
The curanderas do a final cleansing or healing for the flu.
My friends and I once went to a very big fair across the border in Reynosa, Mexico.
I painted a father buying tacos and the rest of the family sitting down at the table.
My mother is spreading the cornmeal dough on the leaves.
My aunt and uncle are spreading meat on the dough.
I never knew before how the chickens got to be chicken soup.
I knew my grandparents had always raised chickens.
The curanderas know a lot about healing.
The curanderas are very highly respected.
The fair brought different people together.
Artisans and entertainers came from all over Mexico.
My grandmother is lining up the rolled and folded tamales ready for cooking.
I'm next to my grandfather with my sister Margie in my parent's kitchen.
My brother Arturo was so surprised that he started to spill his snowcone.
We had never seen anything like that before.
The curanderas do a cleansing using branches from the rue tree.
They also burn copal incense.
It was fun for my family to all help make tamales.
We're helping to soak the dried leaves from the corn.