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Meat that is cooked very little
Eating rare meat may not be good for your health.
To know or to learn about something
To be aware
Stacey was not aware that she had left her notebook at school until she got home and looked in her backpack
Having to do with a particular place. It is usually the town or neighborhood where one is living.
Yesterday, Hanna and I picked two quarts of strawberries at a local farm.
An imaginary line around the middle of the earth. It is at an equal distance from the North and South Poles.
If you live in a country on the equator, you will notice that the length of the days and nights are almost equal.
Not seen or happening very often
Looking through the book of rare butterflies, Leanne showed Mr. Bonilla one of her favorites.
A book of maps
To find the Ganges River, Ben used an atlas.
A trip from one place to another. It is often one made over a great distance.
Last summer, our family made a journey across Canada by train.
An adult male pig
At night, wild boars hunt in the forest for roots.
Wild and likely to attack
A polar bear in the wild may become fierce if it is hungry.
A long pointed tooth. It is found in animals like dogs and tigers, which use it to tear meat. It is also found in snakes.
When the tiger opened its mouth to roar, we could see its fangs clearly.
The hard tough covering on the foot of an animal such as a horse, a cow, or a deer
Lydia carefully removed the stone from her horse's hoof.
Very strong and violent
A fierce wind blew sand into Keith's face as he walked home along the beach.
To make people lose interest in something
Most of us would not think that a wild boar running toward us was a bore.
Making all the stops along a train line. This is different from the express, which makes fewer stops.
Grandfather told me to ride the local train because it stops at Lexington Avenue near his store.