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How is the landing gear extended and retracted
Electrically controlled
Hydraulically actuated
When will the aural warning for the landing gear sound
Radio altitude below 1200 ft or dual radio altimeter failure and:
Either thrust lever is set below 45 degree TLA (2 engine) or thrust lever is set below 59 degrees TLA (one engine)

Flaps set to 5 or Full
Can the landing gear aural warning be silenced by using the LG WRN INHIB button
Only in the event of dual radio altimeter failure
What are the three landing gear extension modes
Normal-LG gear lever down

Electric overide-Bypasses the PSEM to directly command the selector valve

Alternate gear extension-Manual uplock release opens free fall sequencing valve
What is the purpose of the DWN LCK REL button
Mechanically releases the landing gear level lock

Protects against gear retraction when WOW
What keeps the gear locked in position
Extended-Down lock springs
Retracted-Uplock hooks
Describe the landing gear lever indications
Green-down and locked
White-up and locked
Amber-in transit
Red-gear positon and lever disagreement
How does the landing gear doors actuate
Mechanically during extension and retraction
How are the brakes commanded
-Electrically controlled
-Hydraulically actuated
-Pedal position transducers send brake request to the brake control module (BCM)
What hydraulic system controls the emergency brake
1 and 2
What hydraulic system controls the outboard brakes
What hydraulic system controls the inboard brakes
Explain touchdown protection
Prevents wheel brakes from being applied until 3 seconds after tochdown or when wheel speed is above 50 knts
Explain anti-skid protection
Compares wheel speeds and releases pressure in order to recover wheel speed
When is the ant-skid protection deactivated
Below 10 knots
Is anti-skid available for the emergency parking brake system
Explain locked wheel protection
Prevents a main landing gear wheel from locking. System logic compares wheel speed signals between the left and right inboard or outboard wheels. If the system detects a locked wheel, it commands zero pressure to the brake of the slower wheel
When is locked wheel protection deactivated
Below 30 knts
In the event of hydraulic system 1 and 2 failure how many applications will the emergency parking brake allow
Is there any braking protection on the emergency parking brake system
What stops the wheels from spinning during retraction
Main gear-BCM applies brakes after weight-off-wheels

Nose gear-snubbers
Which hydraulic system controls the nose wheel steering
What is the maximum nose wheel steering
76 degrees up to 40 knots, then decreasing linearly form 76-7 degrees (41-100 knts)
How many WOW proximity sensors
2 per gear
What does the PSEM (Proximity sensor electronic module) do
Determines whether the aicraft is on the ground or in the air
How many down and up lock sensors does each gear have
2 uplock
2 downlock
When using the electrical overide to lower the gear what are we bypassing
What happens when the alterate gear extension handle is used to lower the gear
All hydraulic pressure is released

Mechanically releases all uplocks
What is the maximum nose wheel steering using the rudder
7 degrees
When would the free wheel steering happen automatically
Steering angle beyond 76 degrees, failure of WOW sensor, or steering system failure detected
How many brake wear pins located on each main wheel
How can we disconnect the steering
Switch on yoke
Swicth on GPU access panel
What does a RED light on the nose gear mean for towing
Towing not permissible
How is nose wheel steering possible with only the left engine opearting
By releasing the emergency parking brake AC STBY pump #2 will turn on allowing steering
How long after lowering the gear handle would you expect to see a RED ICON indicating a discrepency
20 seconds
Is there any indication that tells us the emergency parking brake is actuated
Yes, a white striped bar illuminates in the EMERG/PRKG BRAKE light located on the instrument panel
Where can brake pressure and temperature be monitored
MFD status page
If the LG WARN INHIB button has been pressed and the white striped bar is illuminated what will cause the light to go out and the system to reset
-TL >45 degrees TLA (2 ENG)
-TL >59 degrees TLA (1 ENG)
-Flaps set to 5 or or full and gear not down and locked