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a stream or river that flows into a larger river
an inlet that separates off shore islands from the mainland
an area of water extending into the land from a larger body
large inlet
an area of land that has similar landforms throughout
the kind of weather a place has over a long time
flat lowland along the atlantic ocean
coastal plain
a group of mountains that run from Canada to Alabama; treetopped
Appalachian Mountains
a region of valleys and hills on the eastern side of the appalachians
worn down peaks of land over time; appalachians
land that stretches across the middle of the country
interior plains
an area of flat or rolling land covered with grass
longest and largest mountain range; colorado
Rocky Mountains
area between Rockies and the mountains further west ; Nevada
Great basin
a chronology of events that happened
how does climate affect daily life
the climate can affect what people wear, what activities they do and earn a living. For example, farming must have hot summers with some rain.
Describe the geography and climate of the US
There are many different landforms is the US. The Coastal Plain area is a flat area along the Atlantic Coast. It is typically warm with rain. The Appalachian Mountain region runs from Canada to Alabama. It's weather is warm in the summer and cold in the winter. The Interior plains are a flat grassy area located in the middle of the county. It also has a cold winter and warm summer. The Rocky mountain region runs from Canada to Mexico and has snow capped mountains all year round. The great basin is between the rocky moutains and the mountains of california. It is a desert climate. On the west coast is the sierra nevadas. It has many different climates.
How does the equator affect the climate of a place
The climate of a place depends partly on it's distance from the equator. The closer to the equator the place is the warmer it will be.
What causes different seasons to occur
The earth's orbit around the sun causes the seasons.The farther away the earth is from the sun, the colder it is causing changes in seasons.
the use of canals ditches or pipes to move water
natural resources
something found in nature that you can use
renewable resource
resources that can be made again
nonrenewable resources
resources that cannot be made
Continental Divide
Imaginary line running along the Rocky mountains
land drained by a river system
drainage basin
a place where land drops sharply causing rivers to form waterfalls
fall line
land drained by a river system
drainage basin
a place where land drops sharply causing rivers to form waterfalls
fall line