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Allowed clear-cutting if necessary
National Forest Management Act
Created Soil and Water Conservation Program to promote soil and water conservation trhough less erosion
Soil and Water Conservation Act
Required restoration progress on coal lands, fees to be paid to mine
Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act
You have to have a permit to take native animals, introduce substances to Antarctica
Antarctic Conservation Act
Prohibits developments, access, commercial activities in designated areas
Endangered American Wilderness Act
Preserve scenic and geoloigcal values w/ natural landscapes. Maintenance of the habitat and wildlife species valuable to alaska and nation
Alaskan National Interest Lands Conservation Act
NO development on barrier islands.
Coastal Barrier Resources Act
Lower commodity price, established dairy herd buyout program
Food Security Act
Gave the Bureau of Land Mangament auhtority to manage public land
Federal Land Policy and Management Act
requires permits and fees for the use of federal grazing lands, limits on number of livestock that could be grazed
Taylor Grazing Act
Govt. protescts undeveloped land unless Congress decides they are needed for hte national good. Only to be used for nondestructive forms of recreation
Wilderness Act
Tells forest service to give equal consideration to outdoor recreation, range, timber, water, wildlife and fish
Multiple Use Sustained Yield Act
Rivers be preserved in free-flowing condition. Must be protected for the benefit and enjoyment for everyone
Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
protects scenic and historic trails
National Trails System Act
Preserve, protect Nation's coastal zones
National Coastal Zone Managment Act
application of forestry practices to gov. owned forests in US
Forest Reserves Managment Act
Fed. agencies much develop resource managment plans on lands.
Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Act