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According to Hazardous Material Operational Plan(Book37), Section A, the California Code of Regulations 5192 requires the Incident Commanders to do all of the following except:
Estabish a primary perimeter for first responders.
According to Training Bulletin #54, "Hazardous/Illegal Mezzanines", rooms may contain mezzanines when the clear height above and below the mezzanine is not less than ____, with no more than _____ level/s of mezzanines in a room. The aggregate area of mezzanines within a room shall not exceed ____ the area of the room in which they are located
7 feet, 2, one-third
According to Training Bulletin #27, "Aqueous Film Forming Foam" can be used on water soluble flammable liquids (i.e. alcohols, esters, and organic solvents) with ____ results. These liquids ____
Fair, breakdown the film rapidly, but with high application, extinguishment can be achieved
According to the Hazardous Material Operation Plan(Book37) and the Emergency Response Guidebook, which of the following is not one of the factors to consider when establishing the Initial Isolation Zone.
Number of Victims
According to Department Bulletin 03-24, "No Parking Priority Enforcement Program", one of the goals of the program is:
Maintain critical Fire Department access in the Severity Zone during a brush fire season.
According to the Manual of Operation, Volume 2, 3/2 - 30.01, "Personnel Procedures/Evaluations", Annual Performance Evaluation Reports for all members below the rank of Chief Officer shall be forwarded ____ prior to the member's anniverary date in present rank or grade.
45 days
According to Training Bulletin #72, "V-Vac Hand Powered Suction Unit", when the sliding handle is in the longest stroke position, each squeeze will cause up to ____ of fluid to be drawn into the cartridge.
According to Training Bulletin #72, "V-Vac Hand Powered Suction Unit", the handle should be squeezed rapidly....
When high suction pressures are needed (clot encountered)
According to the Tactial Alert Operations Manual(Book 92), which phase of Tactical Alert involves the implementation of developed tactical operation plans and will involve redeploying/predeploying resources?
Phase II
According to the Tactical Alert Operations Manual (Book 92), The Command Staff consist of..
Information Officer, Safety Officer, and Liason Officer
According to the Tactical Alert Operations Manual (Book 92), the General Staff is comprised of all of the following:
Planning Chief
Operations Chief
Finance Chief
Incident Commander
According to the Training Bulletin #49, "Polychlorinated Biphenyls" (Common called PCB's) have a general physical and chemical property that includes:
Resistant to corrosives
According to Training Bulletin #27, "Aqueous Film Forming Foam" is designed to be mixed in a volume proportion of approximately one gallon of concentrate to _____ of water.
16 gallon
According to Training Bullentin #30, "Fire Inidents Involving Organic Peroxides" clean-up and salvage operation should not be attempted until ______.
All of the peroxide has cooled completely
According to Training Bulletin #71, Management of Spontaneous Volunteers, the safety of the spontaneous rescuer will be ensured by effective _______
According to Hazardous Materials Operations(Book 37) the Department's overall responsibility at a Hazardous material incident is described as all of the following except :
Establishing a primary perimeter for the incident.
According to the Driver's Training Manual(Book 8), Driver's Training Article #10, spring brakes have all of the following functions except:
To assist with standard apparatus breaking when the service brakes are ineffective.
According to the Driver's Training Manual( Book 8), Driver's Training Article #11, controlled tests have demostrated that fuel conservation of at least _____ percent is possible through proper vehicle operation, use, maintenance and trip planning.
According to the LAFD Earthquake Operational Plan(Book 98), The Earthquake Emergency Mode Work Packet is carried and maintained on all assigned apparatus by _____ and is inspected ______
All commanders, three times per year
According to the LAFD Earthquake Emergency Operational Plan (Book 98), when the Department is in Earthquake Mode, emergency issue of supplies from the storeroom can be accomplished through all of the following except:
Members of Heavy Rescue 56
According to the Los Angeles Fire Code (Book 57), Division 103, piles of lumber shall be securely and compactly piled and in no case higher than _____ feet.
According to the Los Angeles Fire Code (Book 57), Division 104, Piles or racks of tires placed in rows perpendicular to the walls shall not exceed _____ feet in width or _____ feet in length.
10, 50
According to Training Bulletins #55, "4 Inch Supply Hose", the weaving technique of the LAFD 4" supply hose is to maximize hose flexibility and to:
Eliminate left-hand twist
According to the LAFD Discrimination Free Workplace Handbook ( Book 90) all Officers and Managers are responsible for ensuring that their commands are free of discrimination and retaliation by ________
Scheduling appropriate training and guidance
According to the Multi-Casualty Incident Operational Procedures (Book 70), the Triage Unit Leader in a Medical group is a Captain II with the light force personnel to assist in:
Triage, transporters, and morgue